Cal  Thomas

The demise of Saddam Hussein's killing regime offers the West an opportunity to open a window of freedom and prosperity in Iraq. But the window will not be open long before political and religious opportunists try to close it.

For a new Iraq to rise from the ruins of Hussein's genocidal and maniacal rule, at least three institutions must be immediately changed.

The first is the media. Iraqi state television will be gone with Saddam, but much of the Arab media -- from Al Jazeera to state-run media in virtually every Arab country -- continue to present an inaccurate image of the West. The United States and Britain need to replace Iraqi media with a balanced and accurate news and information service modeled on the Voice of America. For three decades, Saddam Hussein has presented to Iraqis a litany of lies. This must change or whatever else that might be done in Iraq will count for little.

Media distortions are not limited to Iraq. In one Egyptian newspaper (in a nation that is supposedly America's friend), President Bush is shown on each page of war coverage dressed in a Nazi uniform. American and British forces are called "allies of the devil." Rare civilian casualties are frequently reported as "massacres," or, as another Egyptian paper put it, an "American Holocaust." There is little, if any, commentary, and less reporting on the discovery by coalition forces of human remains and coffins in a makeshift morgue in southern Iraq, some bodies with evidence of execution-style slaying. The United States may not be able to influence Egyptian media right now, but it can influence Iraqi media.

The second Iraqi institution that must be changed is education. Children's textbooks and other teaching tools in Iraq and throughout the Middle East present a propagandistic view of the world that is angry, hostile and negative. Instead of learning about enemies and how to kill them, or the way of martyrdom, Iraqi children should be taught about friendship and how to lead good and productive lives. This may require a Peace Corps-like army of teachers from many national and religious backgrounds, but it must be done if the next generation of children is to have something to live for.

Education change also needs to take place in some parts of the United States.

Cal Thomas

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