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There is another way to help defray the cost of this war. It should be U.S. policy to seize the Iraqi oil fields and use this enormous asset to pay for Iraq's liberation and transformation. Some Iraqi-Americans said as much during a pro-American demonstration last weekend in New York City. Framed this way, American forces will not be seen as tools of "big oil" but as agents of freedom. As such, it is right and moral to pay for Iraq's liberation with that nation's chief resource - oil. When that bill is paid, there will be plenty of oil left to rebuild the country, which, again, should be done primarily with Iraq's, not America's, money.

The savings stamps and bonds campaigns during World War II featured posters that depicted Hitler as evil and Japanese leaders in crude stereotypes. A similar but more sophisticated approach could be used with modern stamps and bonds. This campaign might show pictures of oppressed women and children and the crimes that Saddam Hussein has committed against them and his neighbors.

Printed on the stamps and bonds could be: "Are we not our brother's and sister's keeper?" Doesn't the nobility of America demand that we confront evil when possible? Surely to whom much has been given, much shall also be required. Or do we think we can escape eventual confrontation with evil by ignoring it?

McConnell and Burns are right to revive an old idea. Even more than helping to pay for the war and reconstruction of Iraq, this contemporary savings stamps and bonds program will help many of us feel the stake we have in the outcome of this war.

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Cal Thomas

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