Burt Prelutsky

Perhaps even the Democrats are finally reading the writing on the wall. Obama’s poll numbers are dropping like a rock, and a little more than a year from now every congressman and a third of the senators will be up for re-election. There was a reason that Harry Reid announced that Obama’s health plan wouldn’t come up for a vote until after the summer recess. At the risk of being a cockeyed optimist, it’s my hunch that during the recess the Democrats are going to catch so much flak from their constituents that Obama’s health bill will be buried right next to Bill Clinton’s up there on Capitol Hill.

I’m sure that Obama will continue to blame Bush and the Republicans even if every Democrat votes against the damn thing, but the important thing is to keep socialized medicine where it rightfully belongs -- in England, Canada and Cuba.

It’s not easy determining which aspect of Obama’s bill is the most vile -- the fact that the costs would be astronomical, that health care would get progressively worse or that young illegal aliens would rate higher on the food chain than older American citizens. In fact, considering that the President subscribes to the notion that, instead of a life-saving operation, any old person not holding elective office or named Obama, should just take pain pills for what ails them, you could say that it’s Obama’s final solution for America’s elderly.

I heard Rush Limbaugh say, “This health care plan is the single greatest tool to regulate every aspect of our lives this government could ever have.”

To which my response was, Obama has a great many tools at his disposal, including pork-laden stimulus programs, Cap and Trade and multi-millions earmarked for ACORN, but they all look like shovels with which to bury America.

As for his health care plan, calling it a cure for an ailing system is like calling assisted suicide a cure for heart disease.