Burt Prelutsky

Whenever I write an attack piece about President Obama and his cronies on the Left, I invariably hear from a handful of barely literate dullards whose message is that Bush and the Republicans were pretty bad when they ran things from 2000-2006. Well, the fact is I don’t entirely disagree, although I prefer them to the gang currently in charge. But, truly, aside from the fact -- and it is a heck of a huge aside -- that they prevented a sequel of 9/11 for over seven years, I didn’t hold the Bush administration in terribly high regard. For one thing, they spent too much money. For another, they let Rumsfeld badly micromanage the Iraq War for far too long. For still another, in a futile attempt to garner Hispanic votes, they did next to nothing to close the border, and Bush shamelessly pandered to Vicente Fox.

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Then for good measure, Bush showed that even a Republican president didn’t have to take a backseat to anyone when it came to expanding the federal government. I might even hold him slightly responsible for the financial crisis, but it wouldn’t be fair to deprive Christopher Dodd and Barney Frank of any of their well-deserved credit.

When, on top of all that you factor in my low opinion of John McCain, one might even wonder why I’m even a Republican. The easy answer is that, as bad as Republican politicians are, they’re better than the Democrats. But the biggest difference is between the two sets of voters. By and large, Republican voters are more patriotic, more mature, more logical and far more honorable. If only the politicians measured up to the civilians in the party, a lot of us could stop holding our noses when we entered the voting booth.

Recently, one of my angry left-wing readers wrote to let me know that in addition to all their other sins, Republicans are greedy. I’m afraid that’s a word I simply don’t understand. I’m not parroting Gordon Gekko, who announced in the movie “Wall Street” that greed is good. I think that greed is neither good nor bad. It always seems to be something we accuse other people of being, but never ourselves. We are merely prudent, thrifty, maybe even ambitious. We’re not money-mad, we’re merely concerned about those rainy days. We want to be good providers for our loved ones, but we are never, God forbid, greedy. My question is, whether you’re a rock star, a professional athlete, a school teacher or a guy on the assembly line, have you ever asked to be paid less? If you haven’t -- and God knows you haven’t -- I guess you’re as greedy as the next guy, even if you’re a Democrat.