Burt Prelutsky

“Lots of things are true that don’t have to wind up in the pages of a book. The guy was married at the time. Why on earth would you want his kids to know he was cheating on their mother with you?”

“You’re making it sound like a cheap affair.”

“Maybe it wasn’t for you. You weren’t even 20 years old yet. You were a teenager and clearly besotted. But you were co-starring in a play with him. That made you convenient, as well as available. He didn’t even have to leave the theater. And you told me yourself that the affair ended when the play’s run ended. So, however you may have felt about him at 19, it’s pretty obvious that he, in his 30s, married with children, saw you as the human equivalent of fast food.”

Well, the chapter stayed in the book and the book sold reasonably well. I’m sure she and I would have split up in any case. Successful actresses are notoriously high maintenance and, by nature, I’m a pretty lazy guy.

But to get back to Barbara Walters, I’m sure she’s going to catch plenty of flak from her cronies in the media. Certainly not because she’s using an affair, long over and done with, to hawk her book, and certainly not because Sen. Brooke is a black man, but because….he was, of all things, a Republican.