Burt Prelutsky

But mention any of this to one of Obama’s worshippers and you either get one of those blank looks popularized by the Stepford wives or you’re called a racist.

That leads me to second a motion proposed by my wife. She thinks the word “racist” should be banished from the popular lexicon, along with the likes of chink, yid, wop, Polack and queer. People -- generally blacks and liberals -- toss the word around with impunity, labeling anyone who is opposed to affirmative action, entitlements based on pigmentation or even the prospect of Obama’s being elected president, as a racist. I say that in the future anyone caught using the r-word should be treated exactly like someone who uses the n-word. If it means that liberals will be tongue-tied for a while until they learn to expand their vocabulary, so be it.

While checking out the ages of 535 senators and representatives in Washington, I made a discovery that saddened me as a Jew. What I found was that of the 13 Jewish people currently in the Senate, 10 are Democrats and one, Bernie Sanders, is a self-described Socialist. As bad as that is, the situation is even worse in the House, where 28 out of 29 Jews are Democrats. All I can say is, Eric Cantor, of Virginia, must be one lonely guy at the annual Jewish Republican mixer.

As a conservative, I don’t mind Jews being the Chosen People. But when 39 of the 42 Jews in Congress are left-wingers, the problem, as I see it, is when Jews are the elected people.