Burt Prelutsky

My fourth note reminds me that a recent study disclosed that not only are the oceans not heating up, as Al Gore and his munchkins have been insisting, but that there has been a very slight cooling over the past five years. I don’t expect the weather crusaders to acknowledge it, though. After all, did Chicken Little ever apologize? And when you get right down to it, how different is screaming “The sky is falling” from screaming “The earth is warming”? At least Chicken Little’s panic didn’t lead all the other poultry to insist on replacing perfectly fine light bulbs with those creepy new ones that not only fail to provide illumination, but are jam-packed with mercury!

Finally, I hate to mix in when Democrats are throwing rocks at each other, but fair play demands I do the right thing. Apparently, I am the only person who understands that when Hillary Clinton claimed that she had to dodge enemy gunfire during her visit to Kosovo, what she meant to say was that, even as far back as 1996, she anticipated she would face enemy snipers in 2008.

I am still waiting, though, for Sen. Clinton to announce that on the way to her coronation, she has become the victim of a vast left-wing conspiracy.