Burt Prelutsky

On top of all that, our kids are being brainwashed in their schools into accepting that the only truly evil society on the face of the earth isn’t North Korea, Iran, China or Syria, but their own. They’re taught to accept that Al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah, aren’t gangs of butchers and terrorists, but simply freedom fighters. They are carefully taught that Christian and Jewish symbols and traditions are oppressive, but that they mustn’t be judgmental when it comes to burkas, beheadings and female mutilation.

By their lights, tolerance is the greatest of all virtues, but only so long as it’s not tolerance of anything American.

I accept that our ways wouldn’t suit everyone in the world. In some places, after all, cock fights and bull fights are the norm, just as the execution of homosexuals in Iran and the eating of dogs in parts of Southeast Asia are apparently part of their disgusting cultures. So while I may not approve of these loathsome activities, I figure they can do what they like, so long as they stay where they are. In fact, staying where they are strikes me as being one hell of an idea.