Burt Prelutsky

I happen to be a big fan of e-mail. But that’s a far cry from suggesting it’s perfect. One of the obvious drawbacks is that, unlike telephones which provide you with a busy signal so that you’ll know to call later, e-mail messages that you assume have been received far too often seem to wind up wandering aimlessly in the ether.

Other liabilities include hearing from Ron Paul’s disciples on a regular basis. Someone should send them copies of Dale Carnegie’s old best seller, “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” They are a boorish lot who make it crystal clear that anyone who believes that America should have a foreign policy is not only a traitor, but more likely than not a stooge for the current administration, a mole for the liberals or, worst of all, a paid lobbyist for Israel.

The truth is that I’m nobody’s puppet, I dance to nobody’s tune and, thanks to those millions of dollars I’m expecting any day now from my good friends in Nigeria, I can not be bought!