Burt Prelutsky

Vietnam’s Tran Van Hay, who has saved a great deal of money by not going to the barber in over 30 years, has hair that’s 20 feet long. To give you some idea how long that is, if Ms. Allen stood on Mr. Stadnik’s head, Mr. Hay’s hair would still beat them by a good four feet.

Switzerland’s Marco Hurt can fit 264 straws in his mouth at one time, so don’t even think about sharing a chocolate soda with this guy.

Brazilian-born Elaine Davidson, who has 4,250 body piercings, somehow ended up living in Scotland, of all places. I can only assume that someone in Glasgow was playing with a very large magnet one day.

The claim to fame of Frenchman Michel Lotito, who apparently never heard of garage sales, is that he has consumed 128 bicycles, 15 supermarket carts, six chandeliers, two beds and a pair of skis. I guess a nice cream sauce makes all the difference.

And, finally,Turkey is represented by Mahmet Ozyurek, who has a nose that’s three-and-a-half inches long. As achievements go, that’s not much. But as noses go, it’s certainly nothing to sneeze at.