Burt Prelutsky

The students, liberals all, took advantage of the opportunity to show the entire world what absolute airheads they are. To them, making a few rude remarks to a tyrant was far worse than sponsoring Islamic terrorism. The fact that Ahmadinejad, on a regular basis, threatens to annihilate Israel, supplies arms to the rabble in Iraq who are killing American G.I.s, and is the front man for the vile mullahs, means nothing to them. Bollinger insults the dictator, and the students boo. Their pal Mahmud insults America, and they applaud. And for that, their parents are mortgaging their homes?

The other benefit of Ahmadinejad’s speech is that he took the opportunity to denigrate homosexuals. That will cost him the support of Hollywood’s own mullahs should he ever decide that what he’d really like to do is direct.

I have heard that Ahmadinejad dined that night with NBC’s Brian Williams and Christiane Amanpour, the pride of CNN. I expect that the three of them took turns telling jokes about George Bush and ridiculing the Republicans.

That same evening, perhaps in the same over-priced Manhattan restaurant, Bill O’Reilly was dining with Al Sharpton. Apparently, Bill picked up the check because he’s so grateful that Sharpton, who’s carved out a profitable career by dealing the race card from the bottom of a marked deck, deigns to appear on his show.

What is it with these New York media types? Is it simply that normal, decent people will no longer eat with them? Perfectly understandable, if true.