Burt Prelutsky

Isn’t it high time that people in this country started acting like adults and stopped thinking that it’s only other people who should be held accountable? In a front page story in USA Today about the shackling of youthful defendants, Myra Perez of West Palm Beach, Florida, took exception to her 14-year-old daughter, Malyra, being cuffed during her court appearance. After admitting that Malyra is troublesome; that she frequently runs away; that, when she bothers attending school, tends to show up stoned; and is currently on trial on a charge of grand theft auto, Mama objects to the shackles on the grounds that her daughter isn’t a criminal!

Of course, with the possible exception of Ma Barker, most mothers don’t care to admit their kids are scofflaws. But why on earth have the rest of us turned into a nation of wussies?

Why, for example, are various municipalities bending over backwards to accommodate Muslims? When Muslims working at Target refuse to sell pork products, why aren’t they fired on the spot? When Minnesota Muslims refuse to convey seeing eye dogs in their taxis, why aren’t their medallions yanked? And why have the good folks at the Kansas City Airport provided, at taxpayers’ expense, foot baths for Muslim cabbies?

How is it, I’d like to know, that in a nation where far too many people mistakenly believe that the Constitution bans Nativity scenes, menorahs and Christmas trees, in public places, Islamists are encouraged to shove their bloody religion down our throats?