Burt Prelutsky

In his favor, I’ll grant that he’s not as smarmy as Edwards or as bombastic as Mrs. Clinton, but that’s not saying much. Having seen Obama and Mrs. Obama on “60 Minutes,” I was reminded of both the Clintons and Richard Nixon. Like the Clintons, when they appeared on the show, we have a two-lawyer family in their 40s, each of them hungrier than the other to take up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Like Nixon, who used the family dog, Checkers, to a fare-thee-well, we had the Obamas telling us that their kids were okay with their dad’s running for president so long as they got a pooch when they wound up in the White House. Naturally, since he was interviewing a liberal, Steve Kroft was too polite to ask them why the kids couldn’t have a dog even if their father was only a U.S. senator.

I suspect that Mr. Obama, like Bill Clinton, started running for president at an age when most boys are learning how to throw a baseball. I also suspect that in the next year or so, a dozen books will come out, all of them claiming to tell us what the real Obama is really like. I can save you a lot of time and money. The real Obama is a lot like the great and powerful Wizard of Oz, able to give you a brain; the next fellow, a heart; the other guy, courage. He thinks he’s Napoleon, but with lots more charisma.

Down deep, he’s just another megalomaniac who thinks he should be running the world. He’ll be black for black voters, white for white voters, and beige for Michael Jackson. But what do you want to bet that rather than risk offending a potential voter, he’ll never even come right out and say whether he roots for the Cubs or the White Sox.