Burt Prelutsky

So pervasive is this journalistic hubris that you even encounter it on college campuses. Recently, you would have thought that the 1st Amendment was going to be scuttled if some 20-year-old editor at USC wasn’t granted free rein to do as he saw fit with the Daily Trojan, the university administration be damned!

An unexplained oddity here in the U.S. is how it is that, with the notable exception of the Wall Street Journal, just about every major newspaper seems to be published by liberals. I mean, it figures that in the wake of Watergate so many young left-wing idiots would be drawn to emulate Woodward and Bernstein. You can easily imagine journalism schools hyping enrollment with ads proclaiming, “Bring down presidents and get rich doing it!!!”

But how is it that the newspaper owners appear to be cut of the same shabby cloth? It’s bad enough that the inmates run the asylum, but where do they get off also owning the mineral rights?