Burt Prelutsky

“I know very well how you feel about bankruptcy, and in some cases I might even agree with you; particularly when it’s large corporations trying to pull a fast one on their employees and their pensions.

“But I wonder why it is that you excoriate those of us who have suffered through the miserable experience, but you always make a point of letting the world know how understanding you are of homosexuals.

“Understand, I have nothing against gays, although I think same-sex marriage is such an absurd notion, it belongs in a Becket play, not on a ballot. But homosexuality is condemned in the Bible, a book I know you take very seriously, whereas I don’t think bankruptcy is even mentioned in passing.

“You would probably defend homosexuality by saying that one does not choose to be that way; that it is simply how a person is born. Well, believe me, my wife and I did not choose to have the financial rug pulled out from under us by the ageists in Hollywood who determined that when I hit 50, I no longer had the ability to write TV scripts.

“So please take a few moments and tell me why it is that you have such compassion for those in the one group and so much contempt for those of us in the other.

“Regards, Burt Prelutsky”

It’s been a while. I haven’t heard back.

I don’t think that either Medved or Prager have flawed characters. I think in Medved’s case, he pictures deadbeats blowing all their dough on lottery tickets while their families go hungry, and I suspect that Prager’s picture of bankruptcies are individuals and corporations trying to wiggle snake-like out of their financial responsibilities. In other words, because they themselves have been able to avoid severe financial reversals, which has very little to do with being smart and quite a lot to do with plain dumb luck, they’re stuck with a tabloid point of view on these two topics.

Like virgins lecturing on sex, they don’t lack knowledge, simply experience.