Burt Prelutsky

Although Newt Gingrich argued that both men should be expelled from the House, they were merely censured. Studds showed his contempt for his colleagues by turning his back on them when the censure was read aloud.

Not too surprisingly, Crane, a Republican from Illinois, lost his bid for re-election the following year. Not too surprisingly, Studds, a Democrat from Massachusetts, not only won in 1984, but continued to win his next five elections until finally deciding to retire in 1996!

What we sometimes tend to overlook is that congress is not only a legislative body, but a term for sexual intercourse. Keeping that in mind, perhaps it would be a good idea to eliminate pages altogether. Obviously their ranks are rife with shameless hussies of both genders just looking to lead our innocent lawmakers down the primrose path.

In the final analysis, bedfellows, we discover once again, make for strange politics.