Burt Prelutsky

Recently, I posted a piece “Jihad This!” in which I stated that the time for political correctness had long since passed and that, at least so far as I was concerned, America’s entire Muslim population was suspect. For one thing, large numbers of them continued to wire funds to terrorist organizations even after 9/11, and instead of speaking out against their fellow Islamics or placing a reward on Osama bin Laden’s head, they bellyache about racial profiling.

Frankly, I expected that a lot of people were going to take me to task for denouncing millions of our fellow Americans. That didn’t happen. In fact, only one person, a Muslim living in England, took strong objection to the piece.

In the following exchanges, I believe he represents what we would regard as the moderate wing of his religion. As usual, I represent only myself. Michael opened with the following: “Your article was extremely ignorant, incorrect and inflammatory. It is clear that you are pleased to use atrocities being committed today by some wayward individuals to attack Islam itself. It is a great pity that men such as yourself should be given such a platform to express their prejudice and spread misinformation. Muhammad never converted anyone to Islam by the sword. This is not my opinion, but is established fact. Islam being the newest and most influential of the great world religions, is also the most accurately documented in history, so there is simply no basis for what you are saying.

“People like you would fan the dangerous flames that are threatening to engulf the world at the moment, without regard for truth or the consequences of your lies.

“What a shame that you have such a platform. What a shame. One wonders how many more there are like you, seeking to engulf the world in your ignorance. No wonder the world is in such a perilous situation.”

Burt: “Michael, please get a grip. The world is not in peril because of my words, whether or not you like them, but because of the disgusting misdeeds of your co- religionists. But you obviously prefer to direct your righteous indignation at me instead of at the people who are committing cold-blooded murder in the name of Allah.”