Burt Prelutsky

I no longer accept that we are only at war with Islamic fascists or Islamic fundamentalists or whatever the heck we’re calling them this week. I believe that we in the West are at war with Islam, period.

I have heard any number of politicians, up to and including President Bush, claim, contrary to all reason and evidence, that Islam is a religion of peace. If you buy that load of malarkey, I’ve got a Brooklyn mosque I’d like to sell you.

This is the religion that was founded by the violence-prone Mohammed fourteen hundred years. It was he who established the practice of converting at the point of a sword; a short while ago, two journalists kidnapped by his followers were converted at the barrel of a gun. In 14 centuries, it seems only the technology has changed.

I have read that the current crop of terrorists and butchers only represent about ten percent of the world’s 1.2 billion Muslims. I don’t know how they came by that figure, but that would still add up to 120 million cut-throats and fellow travelers. That figure is far greater than the number of Germans who were even alive when Hitler and his pagan hordes were marching across Europe, and far greater than the number of Russians who were Communist Party members during Stalin’s reign of terror.

I have heard well-meaning people claim that, however we might feel about Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and the various tyrants heading up Syria, Iran and the rest of the Middle East, our own American Muslims are a breed apart. Sorry, but I don’t buy it. We’re all aware that long after their co-religionists attacked the U.S.S. Cole, blew up our embassies and attacked a Marine base, and murdered 3,000 innocent people on 9/11, all in the name of Allah, these peace lovers were wiring contributions to our sworn enemies. Moreover, we know that young American Muslims are not lining up to join our armed services and thus prove that their loyalty to this nation takes precedence over their religion.