Burt Prelutsky

Certain people of the leftist persuasion are always trying to convince the rest of us that Europe is superior to America and, quite frankly, I’m getting sick and tired of it. We even hear that certain Supreme Court justices are less interested in what the Constitution says, or what common sense would dictate, than in how their decisions will be viewed on the other side of the Atlantic.

Whenever the Europeans do something, no matter how cowardly or corrupt, their champions in our country can be counted on to put the best possible face on it. With one socialistic country after another perched on the brink of bankruptcy, our yahoos continue to ballyhoo their failed policies as if they were all paid flacks.

What’s particularly peculiar is that these are the very same people who dislike white American males of European descent, but who can’t stop gushing about white European males. Go figure.

These numbskulls insisted that Bush was a puppet of the Saudis, but ignored the fact that they begged him not to invade Iraq. That’s the kind of puppet that only Stephen King could dream up. Without missing a step, they claimed that we were only invading Iraq in order to capture its oil fields. While they no longer repeat that lie, they also never admitted they were mistaken. Odd, though, that they didn’t seem to notice that we didn’t confiscate Kuwait’s oil fields after driving out Saddam Hussein in ’91. Instead, they hailed France and Russia for refusing to depose Hussein, ignoring the sweetheart deals both countries had with the oil broker of Baghdad.

One of the favorite lies the leftists like to parrot is that the U.S. is an imperialistic power. Wouldn’t even the dumbest of them have figured out that if we were, we’d have far-flung colonies to show for it? At the very least, wouldn’t we have invaded Cuba by this time and sent Castro packing, the way that America’s cigar smokers have long demanded?

The truth is, Europe is a hodgepodge of second-rate powers who don’t trust each other and with good reason. A few of them are so fearful of their own Muslim populations that they actually feel they have to line up with Hezbollah and al-Qaeda against Israel. Of course, being as anti-Semitic as so many Europeans are, they’d probably swing that way in any case.

These loony Americans also tend to side with the Islamic fascists against the only democracy in the Middle East. So in spite of the fact that the Muslims represent the antithesis of everything that liberals theoretically espouse—free speech, equal rights for women, separation of state and religion, the rule of law, free elections—our lefties consistently side with the followers of Mohammad.