Burt Prelutsky
Ann Coulter certainly stirred up a hornet’s nest when she accused the so-called Jersey Girls of wallowing in their widowhood. Tim Rutten, the resident media critic for the L.A. Times, accused Coulter of being cruel and tasteless. He was so outraged by what she had written and said about the quartet that, in a frenzy of self-righteousness, he then went on to describe her as a gaunt 45-year-old, an “ingénue with fangs,” and summed up her appeal as pornographic, likening it to “black leather and Nazi paraphernalia” which “have a kind of iconic status in the sadomasochistic subcultures inclined toward fetishism.” Talk about cruel and tasteless! And, frankly, it sounds to me like Mr. Rutten has dipped more than his toe into this nether world about which he writes so knowingly.

For the record, I completely agree with Coulter. It’s deliberate and it’s cynical the way that liberals keep dragging out these people to espouse their leftist agenda, counting on their status as victims to not only add gravitas to their partisan drivel, but to ward off legitimate criticism.

The Jersey Girls, who might easily be mistaken for the Dixie Chicks if they could carry a tune, are only the most recent examples. We have also had Cindy Sheehan, the woman who dumped husband and young son in order to pursue her passion for nutball politics. When her soldier son, who had re-upped to do a second tour of duty in Iraq, was killed, she decided to cash in on her status as a gold star mother. Alive, she’d had no time for him, but, once dead, she wore him like a Congressional Medal of Honor.

We shouldn’t forget Michael Berg, much as we might like to. Just when you figured he’d fallen off the radar, the father of Nick Berg was dragged back into the spotlight as soon as Zarqawi was killed. While normal people were celebrating the occasion, Mr. Berg got to repeat his mantra that it’s actually George Bush who’s the butcher of Baghdad, even though it was Zarqawi who hacked off his son’s head. When asked how he felt about Zarqawi’s execution, the sanctimonious Mr. Berg, the Green Party’s candidate for Delaware’s lone congressional seat, said, “I have learned to forgive a long time ago.” He means he’s forgiven the man who murdered his son, but not the president of the United States. Hard to imagine that even the Greenies couldn’t do better than this guy. If I were running a dating service, I’d make every effort to introduce him to Ms. Sheehan. They’d make a lovely couple.