Bryan Beauman

Second, in their reckless attempt to appease local homosexual activists, these government officials have acted unconstitutionally. The government cannot retaliate against a business for that business’s exercise of its right—protected by the First Amendment—not to promote an unwanted message. Yet by doing precisely that, these government officials subject themselves to a costly lawsuit and an immense waste of taxpayer dollars.

Third, it’s no secret that times are tough in this economy, and the public rightly expects its government officials to create jobs. But by callously stripping large amounts of business from this local company, the government has directly jeopardized the livelihood of the more than 30 Hands On Originals’ employees.

Simply put, Lexington should seriously consider reversing course. Its actions have not only propagated a cramped view of tolerance; it has violated the Constitution and sacrificed local jobs in the process. Many people are already speaking up to support Hands On Originals, and once the larger masses catch wind of this injustice, the uproar rising out of Lexington won’t be the cheers of Kentucky basketball fans. Rather, it will be the indignation of citizens demanding true tolerance for all, especially the owners and employees of Hands On Originals.

Bryan Beauman

Bryan Beauman serves as senior counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund.