Bruce Bialosky

3) Minimum Wage - This is class warfare at its finest. The minimum wage or as some like to call it “Living Wage” has appeal to many. First, the untrained, unsophisticated worker who has no clue how raising the minimum wage may negatively impact their employment prospects. Second, the underemployed, young college graduate who wants to get paid at least something while they are suffering through the Obama economic malaise.

4) Koch Brothers – They represent two things that are negative to the Democratic base. The Kochs are financially successful, white Republicans which can be caricatured to represent all Republicans. They also spend their money on campaigns and the base of the Democratic Party has a romantic attitude about campaign finance laws being duped into thinking that Democratic campaigns are run on the nickels and dimes of the poor and downtrodden. Never has anyone who is behind the scene been so focused upon as part of the electoral process since Boss Tweed ran New York City 150 years ago. Though Tweed held some elected offices, his power came from his behind-the-scene appointments. Someone arriving in this country might think the Kochs were Speaker of the House and Senate Minority Leader from how frequently they are invoked by Democrats and their flacks. But they provide a double-whammy of dismay for the base of the party that Obama and his cohorts want to whip up, and for them they need a boogeyman.

What you don’t see on this list is an appeal to their environmentalist. First, they don’t really need to as these people get inflamed at the death of a beetle and immediately send out another enraged fundraising appeal. Second, the Administration has been pandering to them continuously with the halting of the Keystone pipeline and the screeching about the Armageddon upon us from climate change which is “decided science from all creditable scientists.’

Though this may not be the totality of the points of their tactics, the campaign as it is devised is not wholly disparate from what Putin is doing in the Ukraine. Its elements are different; one campaign is to maintain power while one is to obtain power, but they are the same in their core. Each wants to create a divisive environment that will disrupt the population and influence them toward their side, all in the desire to gain power and control.

We will see how the campaigns adjust over the next six plus months, but this is going to be one ugly election. No hope here, but hopefully change.

Bruce Bialosky

Bruce Bialosky is the founder of the Republican Jewish Coalition of California and a former Presidential appointee. Follow him on Twitter @brucebialosky or contact him at