Bruce Bialosky

Is there anyone left voting for the Baseball Hall of Fame that actually follows the game? Given the opportunity, these guys would not vote in Musial or Gehrig.

For you Academy Awards fans, the Academy’s governing board certainly has a fraud going. As you know they recently expanded the category of best picture from five choices to anywhere from five to ten with nine nominees in 2013. But there are four nominees that don’t have a chance. Those are the ones where the director of the film was not nominated for Best Director.

In my book that means Argo, Les Miserables, Django Unchained and Zero Dark Thirty have very little chance of winning as Best Picture. Maybe a film could win if the director does not win, but certainly it has no chance of winning when the director does not even get nominated. Thus, those films are added simply to churn interest and viewers of the show itself. Thus, the fraud.

After suffering through the carpetbagger Frank McCourt era of LA Dodger ownership, it is certainly nice to have the new crew. In addition to obtaining some competitive players, they are immediately doing the updates to the stadium that were so utterly necessary. New High–Definition video boards; a new sound system, modern Wi-Fi and cell connections, new bathrooms and redone food concessions will bring Dodger Stadium back to its heyday.

Where would you rather be on opening day, April 1st, at Dodger Stadium in short sleeves looking out at Palm trees or bundled up at Yankee Stadium fighting a cold wind?

Bill Kristol had it partially correct that Republicans should not be falling on their sword to save tax rates from rising on high-income taxpayers. If someone graphed out where the people reside that are making over $450,000, the vast majority of them would be in Blue States; i.e., New York, Connecticut and California will be the hardest hit.

Don’t waste your time waiting for the residents of those states to defeat their Congressmen and Senators who voted to raise their taxes. They are too stupid to figure it out, which brings into question how they are able to make that much money in the first place.

Certainly you heard about the loony left’s idea of minting a platinum coin and declaring it worth a trillion dollars. For now it has been put to rest, but don’t bet against this idea getting advanced. This is how these lunatic ideas become a reality to the loathsome. They repeat it and repeat it until they believe it. After all, they have convinced themselves that there is actually money in the Social Security Trust Fund and that it is financially solvent for the next 20 years.

This time they have enlisted their Zen-meister, Paul Krugman, who they believe has creditability because some Norwegian narcissists gave him a Nobel. Krugman received his award for explaining the patterns of international trade and the geographic concentration of wealth by examining the effects of economies of scale of consumer preferences for diverse goods and services. And who exactly did he explain this too? If Krugman can promote this idea, God knows what is in those 20 books he has written. Got to be some pretty heady stuff.

If you ever doubted the degradation of our culture read this. We were listening to American Top 40 created by Casey Kasem and now hosted by Ryan Seacrest. Seacrest offered “coming up after this next song we will see whether new mother Snooki has any pregnancy advice for Kim Kardishian.”

Bruce Bialosky

Bruce Bialosky is the founder of the Republican Jewish Coalition of California and a former Presidential appointee to The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council. Follow him on Twitter @brucebialosky or contact him at