Bruce Bialosky

What Republicans need to do is openly embrace gays even if not endorsing gay marriage. If there is an election in a state, any opposition to adoption of gay marriage should be based on support of traditional marriage with no hint of anti-gay rhetoric. Gays are not going away, so if you cannot learn to accept them, you need to go live on an island somewhere.

Don’t believe we are naïve. Extreme gay groups argue that if you are against gay marriage, you are anti-gay. We all know that is baloney. Gay groups say there are innumerable laws that are affected by not being able to marry, but they have not gotten that message out very well and that is probably baloney also. If you speak with gays they seem to always cite the same three or four disadvantages of not being able to marry; all of which are resolvable by revised statutes.

Gay interest groups never tell the gays getting married that if the federal government recognizes their marriage, their tax bill will grow substantially since most gay couples are two-earner families. Wait until they start paying the substantial federal marriage penalty and they may wish they did not want to be married. And remember not all gays support gay marriage. It is a burning issue for some, but not all.

Left-leaning groups will attempt to nationalize this issue and circumvent state’s rights. This is not the human rights issue of today. It is just a disagreement albeit an important one. The groups that supported gay marriage and went to the ballot box in Maine, Washington and Maryland did the right thing. The people have voted. If you live in those states and don’t like it – move. If you want to get married – move to those states.

The bottom line is it was the right way to do it and let’s see how it works out.

Legalization of Marijuana – This issue has been bubbling since President Nixon’s Commission on Drugs suggested in 1970 he support decriminalization of marijuana so drug enforcement could be focused on other dangerous illegal drugs.

In over forty years, the war on drugs has been a major failure in part because few people take marijuana usage seriously. They have lived through generations of use and seen very little harm amongst the people they personally know.

Eighteen states now allow some form of marijuana use for medical purposes. All of us know that marijuana has positive medical effects. Yet, most of these laws are shams to cover for legalized marijuana usage. The only people who think the world has fallen apart are the DEA.

If states want to legalize marijuana then let them do it. Colorado seems to have the broadest laws and the state has not sunk into the earth’s core. Other states should look at what they are doing and Republicans should stick to the view that it is a state’s rights issue. The feds should keep their hands off.

These are just two social issues that need to be defined at the state level. Republicans should be on the forefront arguing that each state has the right to make their own decision just like they have argued for 40 years to have abortion decided at the state level. Then people can continue to vote with their feet as was designed by the Constitution.

Our money is on the fact that more and more people will end up in Red states.

Bruce Bialosky

Bruce Bialosky is the founder of the Republican Jewish Coalition of California and a former Presidential appointee to The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council. Follow him on Twitter @brucebialosky or contact him at