Bruce Bialosky

Here are some facts that the left-wingers won’t tell you. 50% of the jobs created in the country in the past decade have been in Texas, including 40% of all new jobs since 2008. Sure, Texas has an 8.2% unemployment rate, but it’s because people keep coming. New York has an 8% unemployment rate, but it’s because people keep leaving.

The left’s problem with energy jobs in Texas is ironic, because they’re the ones preventing the creation of real energy jobs throughout the United States. North Dakota is booming because of energy jobs and Pennsylvania has added thousands of jobs extracting natural gas. Liberal New York State, on the other hand, sits on its hands restricting exploration because of imaginary fears related to fracking. In fact, we could have a job boom in the energy industry throughout the country if it weren’t for the policies of the Obama Administration and their environmental extremist cronies. Just think how that would affect our balance of payments.

But that’s not the whole story on Texas jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Texas is also numero uno in new manufacturing jobs, new aerospace jobs, new professional and business service jobs, new finance jobs, and new construction jobs. Low-tax Austin is now a booming high-tech area that competes with high-tax Silicon Valley. Incidentally, the Bureau also stated that median hourly wages in Texas are now 93% of the national average, and increased at a 3.4% clip in 2010. So much for being a low-wage haven.

How much of this is due to Governor Perry is for you to judge, however it’s clear that he did not stand in the way of enterprising businesspeople and investors. The same cannot be said about President Obama. Almost every one of his economic policies has drained the private sector of financing and smothered their incentive to grow and create jobs.

Harold Meyerson made a clear statement of what is really at issue here. In his New York Times column, he wrote “Perry wants to unravel the national social contract.” What national social contract? That is what socialists aspire for all of us – a government, run by Ivy League elitists, that takes care of us from cradle to grave. But Americans – who clearly understand this scam – are packing up and moving to states like Texas, North Carolina, and Georgia to escape their grasp.

Doesn’t that say it all?

Bruce Bialosky

Bruce Bialosky is the founder of the Republican Jewish Coalition of California and a former Presidential appointee. Follow him on Twitter @brucebialosky or contact him at