Bruce Bialosky

So you don’t think the policy of using the funds from Men’s football and basketball is anti-male? How about this one – it is downright racist. If you follow college sports, your eyes tell you that an overwhelming percentage of both football and basketball players are Black. That is because at Division I schools 61% of basketball players and 46% of football players are Black. They are too often brought into schools to win games, not to study and graduate. Most of them are offered the pipe dream of becoming a star at their school along with the prospects of a future in the NFL or NBA – and, if they suffer career-ending injuries, well, that’s just part of the chances they take. If they finish four years of college without graduating, well, that’s just too bad. The fact that they skipped classes to do two-a-day workouts was their choice.

Take a look at the other sports. Your eyes will again tell you the rosters of Men’s baseball teams are almost all white and the same goes for lacrosse and hockey. Soccer, wrestling, gymnastics, swimming, tennis, rugby – every one of these sports rides on the back of the black football and basketball players. That is because except for Track the percentage of Black players is below 10%. Except for Women’s basketball (33%), every Woman’s sport fields principally white rosters (again except for Track below 6%). And not one of these teams is financially self-sufficient – they all live or die on whether that 6’ 5” black lineman or 6’8” black power forward signs with the school and performs and packs the stands.

The problem is that the system is falling apart. More and more schools are being charged with NCAA infractions (most indecipherable) while trying to recruit and keep their unpaid money machines. The price of coaches (principally white) and Athletic Directors (principally white) is climbing into the millions while the players who generate the revenues – unlike every other student – are restricted from earning ordinary spending money.

How long can this sexist, racist charade go on? Frankly, it has only lasted this long because it supports the liberal sacred cow of “women’s rights.” Because the NCAA is run by a monolithically left-wing lineup – college administrators – they have been protected against accusations that they are taking advantage of poor black kids. No private business would be able to get away with this scam, and neither should the NCAA.

Major changes have to happen in how these players are recruited, how they’re treated when arriving on campus, and what they receive for playing big-time college sports. They deserve something more than a college degree, too many of which (to be honest) won’t lead to jobs that pay well enough to afford a hip replacement at the age of 50. Everybody is profiting off the skills and sacrifices these players have made – except the athletes that actually create the revenue flow. The system is sick and has to change, or it will eventually suffer a major calamity that forces change upon it.

Bruce Bialosky

Bruce Bialosky is the founder of the Republican Jewish Coalition of California and a former Presidential appointee. Follow him on Twitter @brucebialosky or contact him at