Bruce Bialosky

Just ask yourself three questions: 1) What would have been the reaction in 1955 if the Japanese wanted to build a Shinto temple next to the Arizona in Pearl Harbor? 2) Where is the money coming from and why do they want to build in one of the most expensive parts of Manhattan? 3) Where are the Muslims coming from to worship at this Mosque? This is the financial district. Usually you build a church or temple near the homes of your parishioners.

Michael Bloomberg is a fool to believe that this is about religious freedom, and the other Americans who support this project have, regrettably, become tools for radical Islam. They think that they are displaying religious tolerance while the people in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Iran are laughing at what weak fools we have become.

We should stop trying to reach out to the Muslim community. They should be reaching out to us. They attacked us. In the last 20 years, we have twice sent our military to save their carcasses (Bosnia and Kuwait), not to mention freeing them from totalitarian thugs in Iraq and Afghanistan. We should stop going to Muslims hat in hand. They should be coming to us.

The fact that a group of Muslims are audacious enough to even propose this project shows not only how weak they think we are, but also how naïve many of our leaders are about the natural conflict between “rights” and common sense. Here’s another question: If there were a church proposed for this site, would it have gone through the local approval board? If you have read anything about the issue of eminent domain, you would have an idea how many churches have been forced out of prime downtown spots to create tax-producing projects. All of this was disregarded when religious tolerance reared its ugly head in downtown Manhattan.

This episode in our current culture has provided the most blatant example of moral twisting by the left. When interest groups like send out emails trying to raise money because of the efforts of “right-wing” interests to restrict religious freedom, we know the world has turned upside down. People who generally focus on policies to encourage religious freedom should not contemptibly charge others of attacking the freedom of religion.

There is clearly a right to build this mosque, but nobody with a working brain should ever allow it to happen. In fact, we should demand that the Imam behind this project disclose the identity of his financial backers. And while you’re at it Mr. Imam, what gives you the unmitigated gall to propose this project in the first place? Americans cannot and shall not allow this issue to die until construction is stopped and the mosque is moved to a more palatable and appropriate location.

(Note: On 9/11, the author was standing in the center of the Capitol Rotunda when the plane hit the Pentagon. If it were not for brave Americans such as Todd Beamer, he might not be here today.)

Bruce Bialosky

Bruce Bialosky is the founder of the Republican Jewish Coalition of California and a former Presidential appointee. Follow him on Twitter @brucebialosky or contact him at