Bruce Bialosky

The Tea Partiers have convulsed at the approval of an omnibus Health Care Reform bill that as yet no one quite knows what is in the bill or what the full ramifications of the bill will be. It appears that the Tea Partiers’ raison d’être is rejecting the Democrats, but their true impetus for forming and becoming involved is lackadaisical Republicans.

The Finance Bill now stalled in the Senate provides a perfect example of why the Republicans have not yet regained their trust since losing that confidence during the early part of the past decade. Common sense indicates no respectable supporter of limited government should vote for this bill yet three house Republicans found some perverse rationale to just that. The question becomes whether any Senators will join them.

Scott Brown, the national sensation from Massachusetts, had said he would not vote for it because a $19 billion tax was added at the last minute. Mr. Brown should have 2,000 reasons to vote against this bill, as should every Republican and anyone who does not support our ever-encroaching government. There are pages of this bill on which (again) no one has complete understanding and/or realizes what the ramification of such a law would do to our financial system.

Let’s focus on three appalling rules established as part of the law. First, lenders must verify a borrower’s ability to repay a mortgage before issuing the loan. No one would argue that loan qualification has been ridiculously easy. However, this new requirement could definitively freeze out many qualified borrowers as lenders establish stringent rules to meet this new nebulous standard which cannot be met to avoid the wrath of government regulators.

Then there are the two new rules regarding credit cards. The bill states retailers can now charge a different price if you pay with cash or with a credit card. It also states retailers can now tell customers they cannot use their charge card for purchases under $10. Why in the world our federal government would be establishing rules about such matters is flabbergasting. This is nanny-state government at its finest. These kinds of rules display the desire of our federal officials to control all parts of our lives.

The expansion of government was creeping and now it is galloping. The Tea Partiers woke up to the devastation of our personal freedoms. They came out of their quiet lives to erupt onto the political scene. Their ranks may not grow under the flag of the Tea Party, but more and more Americans realize this geometric growth of government cannot continue.

As we celebrate this 4th of July, we need to remember why this country was formed. It certainly was not to create a debt-burdened, manipulative, invasive government 224 years later. We must remind our elected officials who runs the show. If they do not get the message today, they need to hear it on November 2nd. The future of America as we have known it is at stake.

Bruce Bialosky

Bruce Bialosky is the founder of the Republican Jewish Coalition of California and a former Presidential appointee. Follow him on Twitter @brucebialosky or contact him at