Bruce Bialosky

Mr. Obama then wants to restrict what people can do for a living once they have left his administration. That means if someone leaves the Commerce Dept., they cannot help their successors and must go into something like teaching or becoming a gardener. With these rules, plus the attacks on government employees' character (like what happened to Scooter Libby), it will soon become totally ridiculous for anyone of significant talent to work for the federal government. In effect, what do you need this for – sacrificing your income for multiple years to have your character questioned, and then not being able to benefit from your knowledge once you return to private industry. As much as I love this country, the current state of affairs would not cause me to work under these conditions.

But was there any mention of this attack on the first amendment from the left? Not if you watch their in-house networks: MSNBC or CNN. They skipped right over that to applaud the proposed closing of Gitmo. They could not get enough of the end of that era. What to do with the terrorists still there was easy for these wise heads. Let's stick the terrorists in a flyover state like Kansas. The only real person who ever went there was Truman Capote. Never mind that citizens live right near where these questionable persons are to be dropped.

As the talking heads of MSNBC and CNN applauded the proposed transfer of the terrorists to a place they would never go, the rights of these people to not be tortured was applauded. Most importantly they continued to perpetuate the myth that torture does not work. Whether or not you believe the United States should be allowed to torture highly valued targets, please do not fall for this ridiculous argument that it does not work. It defies logic. Just ask yourself as to why it continues to be used for centuries by governmental and non-governmental entities like the Mafia. The Mafia may do it because they are sadists, but they also do it to gain information. While it may not work on rare occasions, it does work. To continue to state it does not work is just plain silliness. It is another instance where the left believes if they repeat a lie often enough it will become the truth.

Just to review, our new president attempted to gut one of the five rights provided in the first amendment, decided to move dangerous terrorists to American soil and to give them show trials to protect their rights and, most importantly, restricted methods used to gain useful information to be used to help win the war on terror. What an amazing start to what may prove to be a long four years.

Bruce Bialosky

Bruce Bialosky is the founder of the Republican Jewish Coalition of California and a former Presidential appointee. Follow him on Twitter @brucebialosky or contact him at