Bruce Bartlett

Posted February 27, 2007

Although we are two years away from the first ballot being cast in the 2008 presidential election and don't even know who the candidates will be, we already know a great deal about how the race will turn out.

Posted February 20, 2007

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Republican Party has a huge problem going into 2008.

Posted February 13, 2007

According to press reports, Democrats in Congress are planning a major effort to reduce the so-called tax gap. This consists of money owed to the federal government but not paid

Posted February 07, 2007

Last week, President Bush took some long overdue action to constrain the growing burden of federal regulation on the economy. Predictably, Democrats howl that Republicans are endangering all Americans by leaving them to the mercies of greedy corporations. But they would be well advised not to block Bush’s order, because it will come in handy when Democrats retake the White House.

Posted December 26, 2006

In the real world, of course, people measure their progress not against some incorrect forecast, but against actual results.

Posted December 19, 2006

In a recent column, I discussed the disaffection of libertarians within the conservative coalition, suggesting that many might be more at home on the political left.

Posted December 12, 2006

For many years, those who consider themselves to be libertarians have been fairly reliable members of the Republican coalition.

Posted December 05, 2006

In Sunday's Washington Post, a group of historians tried to predict what history will ultimately say about George W. Bush's presidency.

Posted November 28, 2006

Leading up to the election, many conservatives were wailing about how the world was going to come to an end if Democrats won. Well, the world is still here...

Posted November 16, 2006

We mourn the death of Milton Friedman, who died in San Francisco on Nov. 16 at age 94. But we also celebrate his life and accomplishments, which will continue to provide guidance and inspiration.

Posted November 15, 2006

This is mostly inside baseball and undoubtedly boring or even silly to those who don't eat, drink and sleep politics 24-7. Nevertheless, the results of this political autopsy are very important.

Posted November 07, 2006

As this is written, we do not know the outcome of Tuesday's elections -- and may not for some days, due to recounts and court challenges. Nevertheless, we can safely predict certain things will occur on Wednesday.

Posted October 31, 2006

As we move into the campaign homestretch, Republicans and their talk radio friends are doing everything they can to browbeat every last right-leaning voter into pulling the Republican lever one more time.

Posted October 24, 2006

By turning up the heat so high this time, I think Republicans risk sounding like the boy who cried wolf. This may make it harder to motivate their base in 2008.

Posted October 17, 2006

When future historians try to explain the presidency of George W. Bush, his religious fundamentalism unquestionably will be a central focus.

Posted October 10, 2006

With victory in the November elections now in jeopardy, the Republican establishment has finally noticed the party's significant weakness at its base -- especially within the small-government or Reagan wing -- and launched a counterattack.

Posted October 03, 2006

When the Founding Fathers designed our system of government, one of their key ideas was that some of its components should be more accountable to public opinion and others less.

Posted September 26, 2006

Lately, there has been a big debate going on among Democrats about why workers aren't outraged by their economic condition, and therefore more hostile to Republican economic policies and more sympathetic to Democratic policies.

Posted September 12, 2006

Although Republican fortunes seem to have picked up a bit from their mid-August lows, Democrats are still in a strong position to take control of the House of Representatives in the November elections.

Posted September 06, 2006

The gist of a new book is that the coalition of religious conservatives and libertarian free-marketeers is breaking apart.