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Last year at this time, I noted the growing phenomenon of "blogs" on the Internet. Blog is short for web log, a site or page established by one or more individuals to comment on the issues of the day or whatever else they choose to write about. There are thousands of blogs, but a few have risen to the top of the heap as must-reading for me every day.

Those blogs I discussed last year by Andrew Sullivan, Mickey Kaus and Matt Drudge are still eminently readable, as are those on the websites of National Review, The New Republic and Reason Magazine. But over the course of the year, I have found a number of others that are also highly informative.

As someone who writes mainly about economics, I naturally gravitate toward those with an economic bent. One of the more interesting is written by Brad DeLong, a liberal economist at the University of California at Berkeley ( Although I disagree with almost all of his political commentary -- he served in the Clinton Treasury Department and hates George W. Bush with a passion -- he often makes interesting observations about obscure economic points.

DeLong has become something of a "left coast" version of Paul Krugman, the famously Bush-bashing Princeton economist and New York Times columnist. As such, his comments about the economy tend to be echoed on other websites and in the major media. Therefore, if one is interested in knowing what the liberal line is going to be on some current economic topic, Brad's website is a good place to look.

Another liberal blogger I read regularly is Max Sawicky, an economist with the union-backed Economic Policy Institute ( Max and I went to Rutgers together, which allows us to maintain a civil discourse despite being poles apart politically. I find Max interesting because he is unafraid to represent a far left, almost Marxist, viewpoint that is unfashionable even in the Howard Dean wing of the Democratic Party. But he is a good enough economist to be moved by the data, which is rare among ideologues.

Bruce Bartlett

Bruce Bartlett is a former senior fellow with the National Center for Policy Analysis of Dallas, Texas. Bartlett is a prolific author, having published over 900 articles in national publications, and prominent magazines and published four books, including Reaganomics: Supply-Side Economics in Action.

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