Brian Walsh

Posted October 12, 2010

As more and more news surfaces on Michigan Democrat Gary McDowell, voters have been painted a disturbing picture.

Posted October 11, 2010

We know that there's an exciting race between John Adler, a career tax-and-spend politician, and Republican outsider Jon Runyan. Runyan is ahead.

Posted October 10, 2010

Within two short years of taking office, Arizona’s unemployment has jumped from 6.7 percent to an unacceptably high rate of 9.6 percent under Ann Kirkpatrick’s failed agenda of more spending and fewer jobs.

Posted October 09, 2010

As one of the few open U.S. House seats this cycle, Massachusetts’ 10th Congressional District has become an excellent opportunity for Republicans to pick up one of the 39 seats needed to gain control of the House.

Posted October 08, 2010

There have been several breaking developments in the race for Alabama’s Second Congressional District in just the past few days, and incumbent Democrat Bobby Bright has found himself in a spot of trouble.

Posted October 07, 2010

Latest polling in Pennsylvania's Third Congressional District polling has Republican Mike Kelly up by 13 points in a race that political handicapper Stu Rothenberg has rated as "Lean Republican".

Posted October 06, 2010

In what is becoming the go-to theme for vulnerable Democrats this cycle, Congressman Mark Schauer is trying to run from the liberal voting record he’s accumulated in Washington since January 2009.

Posted October 05, 2010

It’s only June and the race for Oregon’s Fifth Congressional district is already being called the “best congressional race this state has seen in years”.

Posted October 04, 2010

Over the summer, the race for Mississippi’s First Congressional District has continued to develop into one of the must-watch contests of the year.

Posted October 03, 2010

Voters in Indiana have lately had quite a few chances to see the true colors of Baron Hill – and the clearest lesson is that he doesn’t seem to like them.

Posted October 02, 2010

For the past year-and-a-half, the good folks of Florida’s 8th Congressional District have been politically terrorized by Democrat Alan Grayson.

Posted October 01, 2010

Throughout the country there are a number of Democrats who claim to be conservative enough to represent deeply Republican districts, and in North Carolina’s 7th, Mike McIntyre is definitely one of them. Don't be fooled.

Posted September 30, 2010

Dina Titus rode the Democrat wave to victory in 2008, narrowly defeating Republican Jon Porter with just 47 percent of the vote. Titus is in for a rocky re-election.

Posted September 29, 2010

With the retirement of long-time incumbent David Obey in Wisconsin’s 7th District, Democrats knew they were in for a tough election this fall as liberal state senator Julie Lassa competes against Republican Sean Duffy.

Posted September 28, 2010

When we last covered this race between the long-time incumbent Paul Kanjorski and local mayor Lou Barletta, we didn’t quite realize just how much Kanjorski’s time in Congress has warped his view of reality.

Posted September 27, 2010

Having to run a real campaign for the first time in a long while, Democrat Loretta Sanchez also faces a Hispanic independent candidate on the ballot.

Posted September 26, 2010

Deep in the heart of Texas lies the state’s Seventeenth Congressional District. For the past 19 years, this seat has been held by Democrat Chet Edwards, who, despite several close elections in recent years, has managed to maintain his grip on this culturally conservative district.

Posted September 25, 2010

Indiana’s Second Congressional District may be best known as the home of the University of Notre Dame, but this fall it will be host to one of the most hotly contested Congressional races in the country.

Posted September 24, 2010

With the political climate shifting to the GOP’s favor, we have a clear shot at victory in South Carolina’s Fifth Congressional District.

Posted September 24, 2010

Today marks 39 days until Election Day. We have just 39 days to win at least 39 seats, retire Nancy Pelosi and to begin to put our nation back on track.