Brian Walsh

And his support for these dangerously liberal policies has brought this conservative district little assistance: unemployment plagues the Panhandle and Big Bend, and Boyd has proven that the only job he is willing to go to lengths to protect is his own.  North Florida voters have been left wondering how much farther from his self-professed “independence” Boyd can stray – and they’ve been wondering about Boyd’s hypocritical statements about Social Security, too.

Fortunately, voters have a strong candidate to oppose Boyd this fall.  Steve Southerland is a local businessman whose family has lived in Bay County for generations – he’s a proud part of the native Floridian tradition.  Steve is a newcomer to politics, and has spent his time helping the Second Congressional District more than cronies in Washington.  He previously chaired the Early Learning Coalition of Northwest Florida and the Bay County Chamber of Commerce.

His experiences in local community service have given Steve a good grasp of issues affecting North Florida.  He’s committed to job creation, meaningful tax reform that allow constituents to keep more of their earned money, and keeping promises to senior citizens (remember Boyd’s confusing statements on Social Security? And his flip-flop on Obamacare that cut hundreds of millions to Medicare?).

Voters fed up with Boyd’s hypocrisy and stubborn determination to impress the Democrat leadership in Washington have a choice this year in what is widely considered a “toss-up” race –we think they’ll choose Steve and hope you will, too.

You can find more information on Steve’s campaign on his website, or you can follow his campaign on facebook and twitter.

Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh is the Political Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee.