Brian Walsh

Of all the races this cycle, the campaign in Florida’s Second Congressional District is perhaps the best example of a Democrat being held accountable for blindly following their party leadership and ignoring the best interests of constituents.  While Allen Boyd may have been effective when he was first elected 14 years ago, since Nancy Pelosi took over as Speaker, he has back her liberal agenda over 96% of the time.  On November 2nd, voters will have the chance to show Boyd how they really feel.

Recent polling has consistently given Republican Steve Southerland an edge over Boyd, and the race was moved from “Toss Up” to “Lean Republican” just a few days ago.  Boyd’s reckless Washington record has not only led to more government intervention and billions in wasted spending, but has even cost his own district 700 jobs.  Floridians know they deserve better, and the Second District is a prime pick up opportunity for the GOP - bringing us one step closer to firing Nancy Pelosi and putting America back to work.

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Original Post (09/08/2010):

Although many think of Florida as a state of beaches and amusement parks, the area around the state’s capitol is a unique combination of lowland history and Dixie tradition.  The second district is home to the capitol city of Tallahassee.  The district is a strong bastion of conservative values and has a cook PVI rating of R+6.  The area is home to one of the highest concentrations of native Floridians in the entire state, despite recent population growth.  A sizeable proportion of local jobs are related to the state offices located throughout the metropolitan area.

The district has been represented by a true supporter of big government, Democrat Allen Boyd.  Although he has made a career of calling himself a “Blue Dog Democrat,” his real allegiances have been on display since President Obama’s election.  Boyd has supported the president and his House ally, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, on many of their major initiatives including the failed stimulus, the National Energy Tax, and the disastrous Medicare-cutting government takeover of healthcare.

Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh is the Political Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee.