Brian Walsh

Only narrowly winning the one serious contest he has faced since the early nineties, Bishop has his work cut out for him this fall in his battle against Mike Keown. In a decidedly Republican-friendly year, Bishop’s radically liberal voting record is not on his side. One of the most liberal Democrats in Congress, Bishop votes with Pelosi 97.7% of the time – including supporting the failed stimulus, the job-killing cap & trade bill and government-run healthcare. Bishop frequently votes against his district both on economic and social issues, consistently voting in support of taxpayer-funded abortion. This fall, Georgians can put a stop to Bishop’s liberal agenda of big-government and abortion-on-demand.

Republican candidate Mike Keown stands for strong Republican principles such as a limited government and conservative values. He believes in lower taxes and aims to bring jobs and opportunity to Southwest Georgia. He will fight to protect the right to keep and bear arms, reform America’s tax system, and ensure Georgia’s agricultural future. Considering himself a man of the people, his main objective is to effectively represent the interests of his constituency in Washington. A Baptist preacher and a State Representative, Mike served fourteen years on the county school board and four years as the mayor of the city of Coolidge. He and his wife of nearly forty years, Kathy, have two sons and three grandchildren.

Keown has raised nearly $350,000 – more than any of Bishop’s recent opponents and an exceedingly healthy amount in a relatively inexpensive district.

Georgia’s Second District offers voters the chance to elect an upstanding Republican candidate and take another vote away from Nancy Pelosi. I hope you will visit Mike’s website, Facebook and Twitter accounts to stay informed on the latest news and updates from the race.

Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh is the Political Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee.