Brian Walsh

As one of the most loyal Republican strongholds in recent history, the GOP represented Ohio’s 16th district from 1951 to 2009. Former Congressman Ralph Regula—who represented the district for 36 years—is the second-longest-serving Republican in the U.S. House. Sitting slightly south of Cleveland in Northeastern Ohio, this R+4 district is based largely in Stark County and the Canton Area. It includes the cities and towns of Canton, Medina, and Ashland. In 2008, John McCain carried the 16th 50% to 48% but Boccieri claimed 54% in the open-seat race to replace the retiring Regula. The area’s strong Republican history, the hard-charging Renacci campaign, and the strength of the Rob Portman’s U.S. Senate and John Kasich’s gubernatorial campaigns should provide a major challenge for Boccieri this November.

In contrast, Republican businessman Jim Renacci’s work demonstrates his commitment to core Republican values. His record as a job creator and his dedication to Ohio workers during this economic downturn demonstrates that he knows what it takes to run a business during difficult times and how to make the most of a difficult situation. While Boccieri has earned notoriety for his role in turning our country’s healthcare system upside down, Renacci actually has firsthand experience in the healthcare industry, which gives him an understanding of how to better approach healthcare reform instead of putting it in the hands of Washington politicians and bureaucrats.

Renacci also served as mayor of Wadsworth, Ohio, from 2004-2008. During his term as mayor, Renacci turned the city’s multi-million dollar deficit into a surplus by focusing on fiscal discipline and responsible government—two key values he plans on bringing to Washington, D.C. Renacci is a dedicated member of his community, and brings a valuable and needed voice to the debate on how to revive the national economy.

Boccieri has been identified by the National Republican Congressional Committee as a top target for congressional election this fall, and the NRCC has named Renacci as a “Young Gun” – the top level of the committee’s candidate recruitment and development program. This November, Ohio voters have a prime opportunity to take this seat back – and take another vote away from Nancy Pelosi. 

I hope you will visit Jim’s website, and Facebook and Twitter pages to learn more about this outstanding candidate and all that he can bring to Congress as the next Representative for Ohio’s 16th District.

Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh is the Political Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee.