Brian Walsh

Small businessman and veteran Rick Crawford won the GOP primary overwhelmingly in May, and his campaign has continued to pick up momentum since then. A recent poll showed him up six points over the Democratic nominee, Govs. Mike Huckabee and Tim Pawlenty have endorsed his bid, and House Republican Leader John Boehner pledged his support to secure Crawford a seat on the Agriculture Committee, a plum assignment for a representative from this district.

If voters in the district aren’t familiar with Democrat nominee Chad Causey, they shouldn’t be surprised: he’s spent the last decade in Washington as a cog in the Obama-Pelosi machine, serving as a chief of staff for a Democratic member of the House. Causey was strongly endorsed by a liberal labor union recently, and it’s no wonder why: he’s flip-flopped on ObamaCare – first opposing it, now supporting it.

Rick Crawford is a successful small businessman, who knows the value of creating a job and earning a paycheck.  Rick operates AgWatch Network, a news network heard on radio and television throughout 5 states.  That experience has translated into Rick’s firm commitment to creating economic opportunity for the people of the first district instead of growing government to please the Democrat party bosses.

Before bringing new jobs and strong management to Arkansas, Rick served our country in the United States Army and then later in defense of our President as a member of several Secret Service details.  While Rick has served his country and his community, career bureaucrat Chad Causey has gone out of his way to serve the liberal puppet masters at the top of the Democratic Party.

Constituents will recognize Rick’s involvement in the community as a resident of Jonesboro and a member of the 4-H Foundation Board of Arkansas.  They’ll also recognize that Causey worked hand-in-hand with Washington liberals who believe more government is the answer to our challenges.  

You can learn about Rick Crawford’s campaign by visiting his website or following him on Facebook or Twitter.

Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh is the Political Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee.