Brian Walsh

Within two short years of taking office, Arizona’s unemployment has jumped from 6.7 percent to an unacceptably high rate of 9.6 percent under Ann Kirkpatrick’s failed agenda of more spending and fewer jobs. Middle-class families are struggling, yet Kirkpatrick has a record of voting with Nancy Pelosi over 86 percent of the time, rubber-stamping a failed trillion-dollar stimulus which has failed to produce jobs and a disastrous healthcare bill that places stringent regulations and higher taxes on businesses. With no relief in sight, voters will turn to the polls in November to send a loud and clear message to out-of-touch Democrats that they’re tired of suffering under Kirkpatrick and her party’s failed policies.

In recent times, in an effort to avoid townhall meetings, Kirkpatrick scheduled a “meet the voters” outside of a Safeway in the 100 degree Arizona summer heat.  During this attempt, she was only able to speak to about two dozen voters while the rest of the participants waited confused and distraught in line.  In a similar session in Holbrook, Kirkpatrick walked out on her constituents after getting frustrated when the voters could not hear her and asked that she speak louder.  As a result of her track record, independent groups have begun airing their grievances against the freshman Democrat and the NRCC recently expanded our target list to include the seat.   Fortunately for voters in the First District, the American Action Forum poll shows that Kirkpatrick is down 6 points and Republican candidate Paul Gosar is favored to win. 

Gosar is a small business owner and a dedicated family man.  Having owned his own dental practice for more than 25 years, Gosar knows first-hand how the Democrats’ economic policies will affect Arizona’s small businesses. His work as a dentist has earned him numerous awards and honors such as the Arizona Dental Association’s “Dentist of the Year” and an induction into Arizona Dental Associations Hall of Fame.  He was previously the President of the Northern Arizona Dental Society and the Arizona Dental Association.  Gosar was also Vice-Chair of the ADA Council on Governmental Affairs.  As his concern rose for the state of the government and his district, he decided to run for office and justly represent the constituents.  Gosar truly understands the values and ideologies of Arizonans and Americans alike.  He is seeking fewer government imposed roadblocks and a more transparent government to protect jobs and bring more local and outside business to Arizona.

In November, Arizona voters will have a chance to put Kirkpatick’s out-of-touch policies to rest and start fresh with Republican Paul Gosar. You can find more by visiting his website, Facebook, or Twitter.

Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh is the Political Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee.