Brian Walsh

There have been several breaking developments in the race for Alabama’s Second Congressional District in just the past few days, and incumbent Democrat Bobby Bright has found himself in a spot of trouble. 

Trailing Republican Martha Roby in the latest poll, it was reported this morning that a number of donors to Bright were recently indicted in an FBI bribery probe in Alabama.  The money comes from sources accused of buying and selling votes, with one of the individuals in question having served as a key supporter during Bright’s 2008 campaign. 

And what kind of response do you think Bright gave to these issues?  Well, in a classic attempt at bait-and-switch, he backtracked on a comment last month that he doesn’t regret supporting Nancy Pelosi in her bid for Speaker and today proclaimed he would not cast a vote for his leader again.  So much can change in just a few short weeks, but his constituents won’t be easily fooled at this attempt to distract them from the facts.

Luckily, voters have the chance for real change in 25 days when they take to the polls and can support Martha Roby – a starkly different representative than Bobby Bright. 

Original Post (7/14/2010)

Democratic incumbent Bobby Bright has plenty to worry about in the upcoming race for Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District. While securing his 2008 election by only 50.23% of the vote to his Republican challenger’s 49.61%, the freshman Representative is going to need more than campaign cash funneled by national Democrats to stop Republican Martha Roby. Not only did Roby achieve Young Gun status, the top level of the National Republican Congressional Committee’s Young Guns program, she also won an overwhelming 61% of the vote in yesterday’s runoff. Before the narrow upset in 2008, Republicans had held on to the seat for more than four decades, explaining the district's R+16 Cook PVI rating.

Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh is the Political Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee.