Brian Walsh

In what is becoming the go-to theme for vulnerable Democrats this cycle, Congressman Mark Schauer is trying to run from the liberal voting record he’s accumulated in Washington since January 2009.  As the race for Michigan’s Seventh District has progressed, Schauer has tried to pass himself off as an independent voice, hoping that voters will forget his support for the government takeover of healthcare, a national energy tax, and – worst of all – for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. 

In an attempt to distract his constituents, Schauer has also taken to rewriting his own legislative history while lying about Republican Tim Walberg’s record.  Having already been called out by the non-partisan for claims he voted against the “Wall Street Bailout” (FactCheck called it “baloney”), Schauer is also trying to hid the fact that he backed $500 billion in Medicare cuts. 

With the latest polling giving a slight edge to the GOP’s Walberg, this is going to be a competitive race as we get closer to Election Day.

Original Article (8/10):

Currently represented by freshman Democrat Mark Schauer, Michigan’s Seventh Congressional District leans Republican and maintains an increasing trace of conservatism, despite its current congressional leadership. This fall, Republicans in Michigan’s Seventh have a prime opportunity to take back a Republican seat and retire Mark Schauer.

Stretching from Michigan’s southern border northward to Waverly, Michigan’s Seventh District encompasses five counties in their entirety and reaches seven in total. Employers are struggling to retain and create jobs, and southern Michigan is no exception. The birthplace of the Republican Party, this district also includes the conservative college of Hillsdale. In 2008, Mark Schauer barely won this district with less than 50% of the vote, underperforming Barack Obama, who still only beat McCain by 5%. Unlike in 2008, the once-popular Democrat is now a political liability who won’t be there to carry Schauer across the finish line.

Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh is the Political Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee.