Brian Walsh

This year, Republicans are doing what it takes to win back Indiana’s Ninth Congressional District. In 2004, Mike Sodrel’s victory marked an exciting end to forty years of Democratic Congressional leadership in the district and signified a strong conservative constituency in Indiana’s Ninth. However, Democrat Baron Hill’s marginal victory in 2006 put the Democrats back in power-- and gave Nancy Pelosi another vote. This fall, Hill faces a tough battle as Todd Young, a fresh new face, threatens to send this Lap Dog back to Indiana with his tail between his legs.

The Ninth Congressional District is largely based in the southeastern corner of Indiana and stretches into the south-central region of the state and includes Bloomington, home to Indiana University. This is a very competitive district, and one the Democrats certainly aren’t looking forward to having to defend this fall. Republicans carried the district in the 2004 presidential elections with more than 56% and again in 2008 with 50%.

 One thing that excites us about the race is the incumbent, who will no doubt provide Republicans with plenty of fodder as the campaign heats up. Hill has earned the distinction of being the only Democrat in Indiana to vote for the failed stimulus package, the government takeover of healthcare and the job-killing National Energy Tax. In addition to his questionable voting record, this Pelosi Puppet has a penchant for insulting his constituents. Hill has called his voters everything from “political terrorists” to “tired old people” – and even angrily denounced a young student in a made-for-YouTube moment at a town hall meeting.

Meanwhile, Todd Young’s credentials speak for themselves. He attended the U.S. Naval Academy and earned commission as an officer in the United States Marine Corps. Todd promises to fight for job creation, attention to fiscal responsibility, 2nd Amendment rights and national defense.  Active in his community, Todd volunteers his time to organizations like Big Brothers/Big Sisters. He and his wife, Jenny are the proud parents of four young children.

With Baron Hill’s knack for putting his foot in his mouth and his liberal voting record, Young is well positioned to send Hill into early retirement. Indiana’s Ninth is a valuable opportunity to elect a Republican who considers and represents his constituents, and take another vote away from Nancy Pelosi.

I hope you will visit Todd’s website and become a fan on Facebook to learn more about this extraordinary candidate and stay up to date with the latest news and trends.

Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh is the Political Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee.