Brian Walsh

Nevada’s Third Congressional District has always been the state’s swing district. It largely includes Clarke County, which is mostly made up of Las Vegas’ suburbs and the southern part of the strip. The district leans Democrat with a Cook Partisan Voting Index of D+2. Although it has Democrat tendencies, the district elected President George W. Bush with 50 percent of the vote in 2004 and Republican Jon Porter held the seat for three terms.

Recent polling already shows Dr. Heck beating Titus by five points. In a politically turbulent environment for Democrats and in tough economic times for Nevadans – with one of the highest unemployment rates and largest number of foreclosures in the country – the outlook is bleak for Titus. Despite having an unemployment rate of 13.7, Titus has continued to cast ‘Yes’ votes for her party’s job-killing agenda. She voted for a failed trillion-dollar stimulus, a national energy tax and a costly healthcare takeover.  These political missteps have not only cost Nevadans their jobs, but will cost her her own.

As an emergency room doctor and Army Reservist, Dr. Joe Heck has a long history of serving both our country and Nevada’s Third District. He has worked as a volunteer firefighter, a soldier fighting for our freedom oversees and a former State Senator to many constituents of the Third District. As a small business owner, healthcare provider and administrator he has the tools to address Nevada’s economic woes and healthcare needs without breaking the bank.

Dina Titus, who is incredibly out-of-touch with her middle-class constituents, has proven time and time again that her loyalty lies with her Democrat party leaders rather than Nevada families, voting with her party 97.2 percent of the time. Titus, known for her bad temper, recently stated to her Democrat House colleagues that the political environment is so volatile that she believes many of them may be “f—ed” in November. And by the looks of things, she is right.

Please take some time to check out Dr. Joe Heck’s website. You can also help him in his fight to defeat Democrat rubber-stamp Dina Titus by joining him on Facebook or following him on Twitter.

Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh is the Political Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee.