Brian Walsh

Since we first started following this race closely, Dina Titus has surprised us: she has managed to become even more liberal and out of touch with her constituents.  Titus managed to kill one of the fastest growing communities in Nevada and the region by providing easy “yes” votes for Americas favorite San Franciscan, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

In the short time since Titus took office in 2009, suburban Las Vegas has experienced the country’s highest foreclosure rate and Nevada’s unemployment has steadily increased – it now stands at an unbelievable 14.4%.  That is the highest rate of any state in the country.  Titus told her constituents in Las Vegas back in February 2009 that the stimulus package would create jobs.  It looks like she miscalculated – and now she’ll have to answer to voters on Election Day.

At the same time she’s working to distance herself from Washington and is having trouble recalling her own record, Titus and her liberal allies are launching baseless attacks against the Republican challenger, Dr. Joe Heck.  On issues ranging from taxes to healthcare and social security, the Democrats in Nevada have blatantly distorted Heck’s positions in an attempt to distract voters from Titus’s failed record.

With just 33 days until the election, Heck is working around the clock to give the people of Nevada’s Third District the representation they deserve.  You can visit Joe’s website to learn more about his campaign and become a part of his Operation New Direction.  

Dina Titus rode the Democrat wave to victory in 2008, narrowly defeating Republican Jon Porter with just 47 percent of the vote. Without then-popular President Obama on the ticket and after several political missteps this year, Titus is in for a bumpy ride as she faces Republican Dr. Joe Heck in November.

Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh is the Political Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee.