Brian Walsh


When I originally wrote about Joe Donnelly and the race in Indiana’s second district, I mentioned that Donnelly is a rubber-stamp for Pelosi and that he supported her more than his constituents.  Things haven’t changed much since then except that voters in his district have become steadily more disenfranchised by Donnelly’s reckless behavior in congress.

Republican Jackie Walorski has been running a solid campaign this cycle, so much so that Donnelly has spent the last several weeks dodging questions about how closely he is tied to his party’s leader, Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  He ran even ran an ad trying to show that he distances himself from the Democrat leadership, despite the fact that he votes with them over 88% of the time.  When asked if he would vote for Pelosi to be speaker again if he had the chance, he wouldn’t rule it out.  That’s a bit of a contradiction from someone who’s trying to save his political skin by running away from the Speaker and President.

Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh is the Political Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee.