Brian Walsh

Republican challenger Michael Grimm has a proven track record of public service for both the country and New York.  Working 11 years as an FBI agent, he fought relentlessly to “drain the swamps” of Wall Street as he chipped away at corruption.  Grimm, true to form, is fed up with the irresponsible, out-of-control spending that has defined this Democratic Congress.  He believes that lowering taxes -- not bloated “stimulus” packages – is the way to boost the economy.  Because he believes in fiscal responsibility and limited government, Grimm will take a stand against measures like the national energy tax, and he’ll work to restore the integrity of Congress and elected officials. 

This past Tuesday, Grimm defeated a strong challenge from a high-quality primary opponent by almost 40 points.  That enormous margin of victory can only happen with a strong, tenacious grass-roots campaign, broad-based appeal and winning message.

On November 2nd, voters in the 13th Congressional District can tell party-line Democrats both at home and in Washington that they’re fed up with their out-of-control agenda and have learned from the mistake they made in 2008.  They can do so by sending Michael Grimm down to Washington, D.C. because he’ll fight for their interests, and he’ll stand by his commitment to reign in such radical spending habits in our nation’s capital.

For more information on Grimm and his campaign, please visit his website, or visit his Facebook and Twitter.

Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh is the Political Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee.