Brian Walsh

As a farmer, businessman, and lifelong resident of the Central Valley, Andy understands the underlying needs of the 20th District. After receiving his degree from Texas Tech University, Andy returned to the Central Valley to work for Westside farms. In 1997, Andy purchased his own farm and has been an active Cherry grower in Hanford since. In addition to owning is own farm, Andy is a partner in a lettuce cooling management group. Andy's years in managing a Central Valley farm have prepared him to address California's water and unemployment crisis. 

With November's midterm elections less than two months away, California families have the opportunity to send Jim Costa a message: They're tired of not being heard.  Get started now and visit California's Andy Vidak, the 20th’s next Congressman, on his facebook page, follow him on twitter or check out his website.

Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh is the Political Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee.

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