Brian Walsh

Connecticut state Senator Sam Caligiuri won the primary last month and is looking to help right the wrongs of Murphy’s tenure.  A former mayor of Waterbury, Caligiuri is ready to forge a tough and aggressive campaign to boot Murphy out of his seat and to let his constituents know they have an ally for less spending and lower taxes in Congress.  His track record proves that he’s a committed public servant who has effectively reined in budgets and created jobs.  And during his time as mayor, Caligiuri also led the most aggressive municipal ethics reform effort in Connecticut history. 

Where Murphy put his own best interests first, Caligiuri is ready to go to bat for his constituents.  His support reaches beyond just Republicans.  Caligiuri recently picked up the backing of state’s Independent Party, a significant group of voters who share Caligiuri’s values of less spending, lower taxes, and more jobs.  On in their endorsement, the Independent Party of Connecticut cited Murphy’s role in a “Congress [that] has promoted policies of over-taxation and over-regulation,” stripping him of any credibility as an independent-minded representative. Caliguiri, however, “will help combat this agenda by fighting for individual freedoms and supporting our free market economy”. 

As we know all too well, the Democrats’ loyal support for their party’s reckless agenda has proven disastrous for our country.  This fall, that can change.  Voters have the opportunity to send a very strong message Washington, and people like Sam Caligiuri can help write it.  Americans want leaders.  They want to be heard.  Murphy forgot this, but Caliguiri won’t.

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Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh is the Political Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee.