Brian Walsh

Larsen cut a moderate profile during his first campaign in 2000, attempting to walk down the middle of the road in this politically diverse district. Since then, however, he has embraced the Democrats’ agenda in Washington, D.C., consistently supporting bailouts, government takeovers, tax hikes, and spending sprees. While Larsen often acts like an entrenched incumbent who need not fear the political consequences of his actions, his “politicians-know-best” attitude has gone a long way toward alienating independent voters who have previously backed him. By unapologetically supporting Nancy Pelosi’s agenda nearly 99 percent of the time, Larsen has effectively worn out his welcome in Northwest Washington.

Thanks to Washington’s unique primary election system, Koster has already beaten Larsen once. Koster took 49 percent to Larsen’s 46 percent in the 2000 all-party primary before Larsen edged Koster out 50-46 in the general election. Early signals show that Koster holds the early momentum. Polls show Koster within striking distance, and his impressive fundraising efforts have earned him a spot as a ‘Contender,’ the second level of the NRCC’s three-tiered Young Guns candidate recruitment and development program.

The Second District is cut from the northwest corner of Washington, with the vast majority of its area made up by Snohomish County north of Seattle, the agriculture-heavy Skagit County to the north of that, and Whatcom County along the Canadian border. Aside from agriculture, the district also contains several military installations and a major Boeing manufacturing plant. The Cook Partisan Voting Index rates the district as a marginal D +3.

Without a doubt, John Koster is a strong Republican candidate who can turn the Second District red once again and restore fiscal sanity to Congress. Be sure to check out his website at, follow him on Facebook, and help John send Rick Larsen back to his career as a lobbyist on Election Day.

Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh is the Political Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee.