Brian Walsh

A recent poll commissioned by the Kinzinger campaign shows Adam leading Halvorson by six points. It is becoming abundantly clear that voters are no longer able to express full-confidence in Halvorson, her voting record and elusive nature. Although the 11th District has favored Democrats recently, it looks like voters are warmly receiving Adam’s message of fiscal responsibility, smaller government, accountability and local values.

The 11th District of Illinois stretches from the outer suburbs of Chicago into the heartland of the state. Prior to Halvorson’s election in 2008, when President Obama won the district with 53%, the seat was held for seven terms by Republican Jerry Weller. This is a competitive district with a Cook PVI rating of R+1 where President Bush won 54% in 2004 – and Adam Kinzinger is just the candidate to win in 2010.

Please take the time to visit Adam’s website to learn about the potential and promise this great candidate has for the 11th District.

Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh is the Political Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee.