Brian Walsh

National Democrats have unsuccessfully pooled their support behind Democrat Ed Case who briefly represented Hawaii’s Second Congressional District from 2002-2006 before cutting his career short in a failed bid to unseat long-serving U.S. Senator Akaka in a primary. Case has placed himself at odds with much of the Democrat establishment in Hawaii as he has often jumped from race to race, even to run against senior Members of his own party. While in Congress, Case repeatedly voted for higher taxes and against the best interests of Hawaii middle-class families.  Now, Case is following the politically-convenient winds again in an attempt to run in a district that he has never lived in.

Case’s move to run in the special election is not rubbing the Hawaii Democratic establishment well. There is a rift between Case and his Washington Democrats and Hawaii Democrats and their candidate in this race, long-time labor activist and Democrat State Senate President Colleen Hanabusa.  After a failed attempt to run for Congress in the second district, Hanabusa is giving Hawaii’s first district a try. Throughout her career Hanabusa has advocated for big-government and tax-hiking policies. Her liberal beliefs have earned her the support of labor unions, Emily’s List and other left-wing interest groups.

Perhaps the biggest news in the HI-01 race in recent days is that the DCCC is pulling out of the race – announcing that they “will not be investing additional resources”. This is yet another indicator that the momentum is behind Djou and Democrats are running scared.

The people of Hawaii are tired of an out-of-touch Democrat majority that continues to push their agenda that borrows too much, spends too much and taxes too much at their expense. Given the turbulent political environment for Democrats, it appears Hawaii families are looking for change. The stars could not have aligned better for charismatic Charles Djou who is benefiting from a constituency that is fed-up with the reckless tax-and-spend agenda and the chaos and disarray of the Democrat party. Despite this historically blue district’s record of electing Democrats, a recent Honolulu Advertiser poll shows Republican candidate Charles Djou in the lead among the liberal Hanabusa and the fickle, political opportunist Case.  

If you would like to learn more about Charles Djou, please visit his campaign website, Facebook page or follow him on Twitter.

Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh is the Political Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee.